Yizhong specializes in design and development of various kinds of complex precision die casting of aluminum alloy and zinc alloy from conceptual design to mass production. Our engineers are well qualified and seasoned, always dedicated to providing professional service for your product development and optimization with high quality and reliability in a cost-effective way.

    They are leaders in the application of CAE including:
    Provide structural optimization scheme to do prototyping & tooling quickly, shorten development cycle
    Pro/ENGINEER and Pro/MANUFACTURE to ensure accuracy for your component’s design, tool design, and manufacture
    The ability to work with CAD/CAM files from virtually any system
    FLOW-3D analysis to predict how the mold will fill, solidify, and cool to reduce the risk of defective parts
    Predictive engineering methodologies to identify potential manufacturing problems and make changes to mitigate them
    Value engineering to help remove cost throughout the manufacturing process

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