Die-casting mold design and manufacture is the key to the die-casting product success. We established an in-house mold center. Our qualified engineer can well understand the product requirements, discuss with project team with DFM and value-added suggestions to optimize the product design with best manufacturability at same quality level. We design the mold with good life prediction and manufacture and fine-tune the mold with short lead-time.

    We select quality steel for die-mold build for good stability and reliability, check the mold dimensions with precision CMM and fine-tuning the mold until all product requirement well met. We trace the mold cycling times and check mold regularly as in order to maintain the mold with good condition for production.

    We are skillful to continuously improve tooling design and manufacturing. We have obtained 5 Innovation technology patents of tooling. All the working we do just want to ensure production goes smoothly.

    We will do more for technology innovation in the future, please keep the focus on us about it.