• Manufacturing aluminum alloy die castings

    The density of aluminum alloy die castings is smaller than that of cast iron and cast steel, but the specific strength is higher. Therefore, under the same load conditions, the use of aluminum alloy castings can reduce the weight of the structure, so in the aviation industry and power machinery and transport machinery manufacturing, aluminum alloy castings have been widely used.

    Aluminum alloy has good surface gloss, and has good corrosion resistance in atmosphere and fresh water. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications in the manufacture of domestic utensils.

    Aluminum alloy die casting has good casting performance. Due to the low melting point (melting point of pure aluminum 660.230C, pouring temperature Aluminum Alloy generally in about 730 ~ 750oC), so it can be widely used in metal casting and pressure casting method, in order to improve the internal quality of the casting, size precision and surface smoothness and efficiency of production.

    The solidification process of aluminum alloy is longer than that of cast steel and cast iron because of the great latent heat of solidification. Under the same weight, the solidification process of aluminum alloy is longer than that of cast steel and cast iron. It is good for casting thin wall and complex casting.

    Aluminum Alloy die casting is a kind of pressure casting parts, is the use of pressure casting machinery installed die casting, die casting machine, feeding the heating aluminum or Aluminum Alloy pouring liquid into the die casting machine, die casting machine by die casting, cast aluminum parts or Aluminum Alloy parts of the shape and size of mold restriction, such the parts are usually called aluminum casting.

    Aluminum Alloy die casting in different places have different names, such as aluminum die-casting parts, aluminum die-casting parts, aluminum die casting, aluminum die casting, aluminum casting, Aluminum Alloy die-casting parts